About Us

A Foot Above Fitness started as a simple branding for the owner Zach. He wanted to have a logo to represent his personal training business. This was back in 2015 and since that things have certainly grown.

it was June 2018 that the gym, also named A Foot Above Fitness, first opened it's doors. The goal was to provide a space for trainers to share and train their clients in. They could truly be their own boss while inside of a facility that any one personal trainer couldn't sustain on their own. A family of truly talented and educated trainers began to form and continues to grow.

Fast forward to 2020 when a pandemic was declared. A Foot Above Fitness became of much contention because we challenged the health orders of the city and country. If this is all to do with people's health, then why are gyms closed while all manners of harm is deemed essential? Booze, cigarettes, weed and fast food, all "essential," but fitness has been stepped on here in Canada.

So we stood against this insanity! We have been helping people stay healthy and active in the face of all of those who want to keep you sick.  We have received fines, we have received closure orders from Ottawa Public Health and we have gotten cease and desist orders form the Crown Law Office. So we have lawyered up!

This shop exists to help offset those costs. All of the profit from anything sold in this store will go towards our legal fees to keep fighting for fitness. We will continue to be transparent in this fight and we will not stop until gyms are "essential."

For anyone who would like to simply donate the fund, the link is found here: https://gofund.me/4cb45937 or we can provide an email for e-transfer.

A video by Zach is also found in that GoFundMe link above.

Hopefully you like what we're about and the products we're selling!